Welcome back traders!

Today I have a very informative lesson for you.
This is the first in a series of lessons I have prepared for my subscribers.

To help you.

In this first lesson, You will learn a few KEY and important facts regarding:
Knowing exactly which way the trend is going. Up or Down.
You will learn some indicators to use to accomplish this.
You will learn how to decipher what these indicators are telling YOU as a trader
and how you should use them.

In fact you will learn 6 conditions to look for on your chart that will signal to you
whether or not you should be looking for viable trade setups, which will be in the direction of the trend.

In any Market.

This video is using forex market charts but as I ave said it can be used in any market!

I want you to take some notes, pause the video when you need to, and sit back and
learn these important trading facts. They will put you way ahead of the pack.
This methodology will work in ANY market.

So sit back and enjoy the show.